Kids and Youth Empowerment Programmes

Youth Development

Our Youth Development programme focuses on empowering young individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and opportunities to navigate the challenges of adulthood successfully. We recognise that the transition from adolescence to adulthood can be a critical phase in a person's life, and adequate support is essential.

Through a range of workshops, training sessions, and mentorship programmes, we equip them with essential life skills such as financial literacy, career planning, communication, and problem-solving. We provide guidance on higher education options, vocational training, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Moreover, we emphasise the importance of civic engagement, community service, and active citizenship. We encourage young individuals to become agents of change, to advocate for social justice, and to contribute to the sustainable development of their communities. By investing in their personal and professional growth, we are nurturing a generation of confident, self-reliant, and socially conscious individuals who will contribute meaningfully to society and drive sustainable development.


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